There are varying levels of services that clients come to Gustafson Law P.L.L.C. to obtain.

Below are a few examples of the situations that my clients face.



I believe my company is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with regard to my disability. I love my job and want to stay, but I also need to know where I stand and what my options are.


My company has a formal grievance policy, and I want to use this process to make a complaint about my co-worker. Where do I start? How do I avoid retaliation?


There are a lot of internal politics and drama at my office, and somehow I find myself in the middle of it. It is affecting everything from how my boss and colleagues treat me to my own well-being. I am constantly stressed. What can I do?


I made a mistake and am worried about losing my job. I have been asked to write a statement and meet with my management tomorrow morning. What do I do?


I want to leave my job, but there are several issues with ongoing projects that I am not sure how to handle. I have other questions, too. I am worried about my health insurance and how to leave under the best circumstances.


I have been a high-performing employee for over 15 years at my company, but my mother has cancer and I have missed a great deal of work. How can I protect myself and make sure I follow the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) so as to avoid the risk or losing my job or to protect myself in case I do need to eventually take legal action?